I’ve won IndyWood Media Excellence Award 2016!

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Friends, I have just won the IndyWood Media Excellence Award 2016, on 24th September, 2016, at the Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India.

award1This is my first award from and in India, and my 19th award, overall! The pleasure of winning my first-ever award in India is really huge and cannot be expressed in words.

My wife, Shima, and son, Prateek, were in attendance, and also captured the event on camera.

I personally have had a feeling that very few people in India read about electronics and semiconductors. Well, this has been taken care of, for now, by the Indian film community.

I am a little bothered as to why no one from the Department of Electronics, or even any of the electronics or the semiconductor associations in India has recognized my efforts. Or, maybe, they do not even have any award for the media. Fair enough! šŸ˜‰

award2I am very grateful to IndyWood and Ramoji Film City for recognizing my efforts. IĀ dedicate this award to my parents – late Mrs Bina Chakraborty (mother) and late Pramode Ranjan Chakraborty (father).

Some great friends have stood by me all through! my guru, Keshtoda,Ā Raju, Lippi, Kitty, Doris, Alfred, Claudius, Daniel, John, and lately, Aanchal, Sanjana, Varsha, Usha, etc.

PS: I’m standingĀ second from left, top row. I’m the tallest! šŸ˜‰

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