IRPS 2021 is here, virtually!

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The 2021 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), will be held virtually between March 21 and March 24, 2021.

Seok-Hee Lee

There are going to be some outstanding keynote speakers. Among those confirmed include Seok-Hee Lee, President and CEO of SK Hynix, who will talk about memory’s journey towards the future ICT world. John Palmour, CTO Cree /Wolfspeed, will talk about SiC MOSFET reliability: An overnight success 30 years in the making.

Peter Gammel, CTO MWI at GlobalFoundries, will talk about laying the groundwork for 6G communications. And, Alessandro Piovaccari, CTO, Silicon Labs, will talk about IoT end-node device built to last.

There are 22 tutorials on a range of reliability topics, the year in review, 11 workshops, and the technical program. The IRPS 2021 technical program sub-committees have a selected a number of highlighted papers. Some of them are highlighted below, as prepared by the Publicity Chair, Ben Kaczer, IMEC.

  • Study on the difference between ID(VG) and C(VG) pBTI shifts in GaN-on-Si E-mode MOSc-HEMT.
  • Elucidating 1S1R operation to reduce the read voltage margin variability by stack and programming conditions optimization.
  • Characterization of slow traps in SiGe MOS interfaces by TiN/Y2O3 gate stacks.
  • TDDB or time-dependent dielectric breakdown reliability in gate-all-around nanosheet.
  • Time dependent variability in advanced FinFET technology for end-of-lifetime reliability prediction.
  • Reliability of a DME Ru semidamascene scheme with 16 nm wide airgaps.
  • Characterization and mitigation of relaxation effects on multi-level RRAM based in-memory computing.
  • Reliability of wafer-level ultra-thinning down to 3 μm using 20 nm-node DRAMs.
  • Reliability and variability-aware DTCO flow: Demonstration of projections to N3 FinFET and nanosheet technologies.
  • Compact model of ESD diode suitable for sub-nanosecond switching transients.
  • Robust brain-inspired computing: On the reliability of spiking neural network using emerging non-volatile synapses.
  • Scaling trends in the soft error rate of SRAMs from planar to 5nm FinFET.
  • Machine learning on transistor aging data: Test time reduction and modeling for novel devices.
  • RF reliability of SOI-based power amplifier FETs for mmWave 5G applications.

We look forward to a great conference!

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