EMI shielding solution for semiconductor components: GSEF 2020

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Franz Vollmann, Global Head of Printed Electronics, Heraeus, presented a session on new EMI shielding solution for semiconductor components at the Global Semiconductor and Electronics Forum (GSEF) 2020.

Customer needs in the semiconductor and electronics industry include reduced complexity, system solution, enhanced design freedom, higher level of customization, space and weight reduction, rapid design changes, easy scalability, and cost.

5G is a mega trend and a game changer in consumer and industrial apps. 5G networks offer faster consumer and smarter enterprise. But, the electromagnetic shielding of the electronic packages is a challenge. An increasing number of electronics packages require shielding against electromagnetic interferences.

Potential use cases of 5G in the future include smart traffic and autonomous driving, smart transportation, entertainment and gaming, human/IoT interaction, broadband, etc. EMI leads to higher packaging density, and that needs EMI shielding at the packaging level, and at board level, if possible.

There are competing technologies for EMI shielding. Existing technologies include PVD spluttering and metal gaskets on PCB level. The next-gen technologies include Ag Nano ink spray and Ag MOD inkjet. Each technology has advantages and drawbacks.

Heraeus approach
Heraeus approach in printed electronics for EMI shielding integrates Ag ink with inkjet printing and adds curing. Advantages of Heraeus solution compared to sputter include -80dB shielding performance, selective coating with no masking and full design flexibility, zero waste, over 25 percent lower TCO, less capex and smaller footprint factor of 3, etc.

Heraeus uses metal inks. Let us look at nano particle inks vs. metal organic decomposition inks. Metal inks are of two types — nano particle suspension links and precursor type/metal organic decomposition links. MOD ink has lower metal content. Heraeus EMI shielding solution uses the inkjet solution that revolutionizes printing. There is a pre-treatment printer, Ag and protective resist printing, and Ag and protective resist curing.

Selective shielding sputtering is required. Partial coating can be done without additional masking and etching. You can avoild significant material losses. There is shielding effectiveness with Ag inkjet. Superior shielding results happen from 800MHz to 9GHz. Inkjet printing results in very homogenous silver layer.

New solution is required for conformal and compartmental EMI shielding for the semiconductor industry. We have a complete technology platform solution, including material, equipment, and process. There is significant lower initial investment and smaller footprint compared to PVD sputtering. Tailored selective coating is possible by digital print layout. You can get excellent shielding performance and high throughput.

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