Directions in advanced packaging technology: Ravi Mahajan, Intel

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Ravi Mahajan, fellow, Intel, presented on the directions in advanced packaging technology at the ITC 2018.

RaviMahajanHeterogenous integration (HI) of disparate computing and communications functions is a key performance enabler in microelectronics system. How does HI help? It is the integration of separately manufactured components into a higher level assembly (SIP), that provides enhanced functionality and improved operating characteristics.

Increased interest in HI is driven by increasing demands for on-package interconnects. Next, there is a need to integrate IP on different nodes and fabs. Advanced packaging helps. If you compare on-board integration vs. on-package integration, on-package integration is more compact, allows lower power, supports higher bandwidth, and HI of multiple nodes, IPs, etc.

High BW links and dense MCPs allow
* Two types of high BW links.
* Class of packing technology that enable wide and slow memory busses are called dense MCPs.

Regarding high-density package (HDP) and Intel’s EMIB technology, EMIB gives you an IO/mm/lyr of 250. Packaging wiring density will continue to increase with time. EMIB has localized high density wiring. There are no practical limits to the die size. Bridge manufacturing is much simpler. There is no TSV and significantly less silicon area.

The EMIB architecture has localized high density interconnect. Rest of the package is unaffected. High-level EMIB process flow involves bridge wafer thinning. Dense MCP EMIB signalling provides many advantages.

The future of MCPs is 1000s of IO/mm 1+ TB/s BW. Multichip packages will have to address other challenges too, for high bandwidth, off-package electrical and optical signals. Introduction of FIVR with package inductors helps currennt demand.

HI drives the need for true known good die (KGD) out of wafer test. The goal needs to move as much content upstream as possible. HI drives for fine pitch bumps to support dietodie interconnects.

Advances in packaging technology are driven by the need for HI. Next-gen MCPs must scale simultaneously along multiple directions.


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